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At present, the "IMEDI" was established as a leader in the TV space. The founder of the company S. S. I - the media.
Initially, when the company was owned by a group of investors, he headed until 2009 by Badri Patarkatsishvili

The TV provides the technical quality of modern television technology. British company "On-Air Systems" " Imedi " for broadcasting an automated system installed. The firm "Rhode & Schwarz", the TV takes care of the distribution.
At the initial stage of development of the company "Imedi" Consultants were: journalist Vladimir Posner, an American consulting company "Quadrant Entertainment Group" and the Norwegian company "Teleplan". Currently, " imedi ", together with other experts consulted by Kirill legati .

Broadcast 24 - hours a day , at three o'clock in the news again.